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Ru Glaze Cherry Blossom Cup

Ru Glaze Cherry Blossom Cup

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Crafted By the Jie Feng Studio

The creamy blue of the distinctive Ru glaze was first pioneered in the Song Dynasty to evoke the sky. Now, the master craftspeople at the Jie Feng studio in Dehua fire these Ru pieces at over 1100 degrees celsius to bring back this Song Dynasty tradition.

While Ru has gained immense popularity for its soft creamy look over the centuries, modern Ru usually falls short of its Song Dynasty predecessors with a flat-looking glaze and lack of luster. The unique high-firing process and meticulous glazing work at Jie Feng Studio yields remarkably lustrous Ru with a crystalline depth and subtle crackling.

This beautiful-sculpted cup evokes a spring cherry blossom, showing off the Ru glazing as the light hits from different angles. The size makes it perfect for solo gongfu sessions since it can hold nearly a full pour from a small gaiwan or yixing teapot.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 149 g
    • apprx. Capacity : 120 ml
    • diameter : 9 cm
    • height : 5.5 cm
    • material : ru yao

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