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Xiangfu Water Bowl

Xiangfu Water Bowl


Crafted By Xiang Fu

This lustrous white bowl is perfect for holding first rinses and excess tea in modern gongfu tea ceremony. Adding a bowl to your tea set eliminates the need for a large draining tea board. This modern, purposeful and elegant way to drink tea can be reconfigured in any space for any size gathering. This bowl comes with a bamboo funnel that gives it a clean, elegant look and keeps the bowl from becoming overfull. The funnel can double as a tool to help pour fluffy tea leaves into teapots in a pinch. The Longquan porcelain finish is easy to keep bright and clean.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Apprx. Capacity : 300 ml
    • height : 6.5 cm
    • diameter : 12 cm
    • origin : longquan
    • material : porcelain

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