Packed & curated by our farmer partners

Each month our Tea of the Month Club box is hosted by one of our partner farmers, from the He Family in Laoshan Village to the Dongsa Farmer’s Cooperative in Yunnan. The farmers will pick out a selection of their freshest, most interesting teas, the ones that they are most excited for you to try. Many of their selections will be from limited batches and experimental runs not made in enough quantity to sell on our website. 

a cup of golden Tongmu Reserve Jin Jun Mei

Enjoy fresh tea, every month

Tea of the Month Club members will receive a box of tea filled with selections from one of our partner tea farmers. This monthly box is billed on the 15th of every month, and prepared for shipment within 5 days.

Each month you get between three and fifteen different teas depending on the farmer’s choices. Whether you get three teas or ten, you will always have at least 75g of tea sent to you each month.

You will not be charged until the 15th of the month. Shipping confirmation is sent for each box within one week of billing.

Free Shipping to the United States,
$5 shipping to Canada, or $15 worldwide

Where do your teas come from?


All of our teas are picked, crafted, and packed by six small family farms across China. Your order ships directly from our tasting room and fulfillment center near Laoshan Village in Shandong. Our customer service team is based in Minneapolis, MN. We give you the direct-from source transparency and unique product of a China-based company with the support and care of a US-based company. The best of both worlds!


What is normally included in a monthly box?


Because each box is curated by the farmer like a CSA, each month’s offerings will look a little different. This club is an opportunity to connect with a real farmer, learn more about their goals and taste their teas. You will receive at least three kinds of tea and at least 75 grams of tea total. Some farmers may choose to offer a wider array of samples to give you the best exposure to what they do, so you could receive up to 15 different samples in a given box. The total tea will still be 75g or more. As directed by each of our partners we will include any information they want you to know about what they do, and sometimes, coupons to use on their collections on our website.


How does shipping and payment work?


When you sign up for the club, you will enter your payment info with no immediate charge. Subscriptions bill on the 15th of each month. You can update your credit card information or change your shipping address any time before your subscription bills each month.


When will I receive my tea?


Teas are usually shipped within one week of billing. Once shipped, transit times vary by country. Every monthly box ships with full tracking info to ensure that they arrive promptly at your door.


Can you ship outside of the United States?


Yes we can! Shipping to Canada is $5. Other international destinations vary by country and can cost up to $15 a month. See our full shipping FAQ to learn more.


I am already signed up for Tea of the Month Club. Do I need to do anything special?


Don’t worry. If you signed up on our old website, your membership is being preserved. Our new club offerings will present an even better value, and if you signed up with special pricing or lower shipping charges, we will continue to honor your rate going forward.


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