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2020 Old Tree Shui Xian

2020 Old Tree Shui Xian


Crafted by the Li Family

This extremely limited Li Family Reserve offering is hand-picked and meticulously hand-fired for deep complexity. Family proceeds go to teaching Wuyi Tea Ceremony in the community.
  • true
    night jasmine, saffron
    juniper, persimmon
    evergreen, bamboo forest
    toasted oak
    deep powerful sparkling cooling yan yun

    Tasting Profile

    • floral - night jasmine, saffron
    • fruit - juniper, persimmon
    • spice - evergreen, bamboo forest
    • savory - toasted oak
    • texture - deep powerful sparkling cooling yan yun
    • DATE OF PICKINGSpring 2020
    • Wuyishan Ecological PreserveWuyishan, Fujian
    • Shui XIanTea Varietal

    This tea is picked from trees between sixty and over a hundred years old. These trees are left mostly untended except for annual careful hand harvesting by the Li Family, allowing the trees to adapt to their mossy environment. This means more polyphenols in the leaf and more flavor in the tea. Because of the age of the plant, the roots go deeper into the soil, drawing nutrients from untouched land and water that has filtered further through the rocky soil and picked up more Wuyi minerality.

The Li Family also recommends:

  1. 2021 Rock Milk Wuyi Oolong
    2021 Rock Milk Wuyi Oolong

    Rock Milk or Shi Ru is an uncommon varietal that the Li Family cultivates on their mist-shaded, mountain spring-fed biodiverse plot within the Wuyi Ecological Preserve. The naturally rocky elements of this tea come through even stronger as they take in the deep minerality of the volcanic rocky soil. As a rare offering, Mr. Li takes the time to bring out the rich mouthwatering lingering yun sensation of this tea through the hand firing at low heat for hours needed to bring out the very best. This varietal is an excellent chance to taste the terroir of the region.

  2. 2021 Full Roast Shui Xian Mini-Cake
    2021 Full Roast Shui Xian Mini-Cake

    The Li Family is excited to offer their first ever 90g cake pressing of this special tea! The Li Family's traditional hand-firing process brings out this Shui Xian oolong's naturally cooling, tingling textural sensations, foresty flavors, and lingering sweetness. This special pressing is the Li Family's very first Shui Xian cake, finished for long term aging to keep building deep complexity over time. Shui Xian is named after the Narcissus flower, but has the deeper meaning of “Water Sprite.” The cliffs above the Longchuan river are full of caves and ghost stories, so it is not hard to imagine this tea getting its name from an old Taoist legend. The Li Family’s biodiverse forested tea gardens within the Wuyi Ecological Preserve help play up the varietals natural complexity.

    Regular Price $65.00 Special Price $58.50
  3. 2009 Full Roast Tie Luohan Mini Cake
    2009 Full Roast Tie Luohan Mini Cake

    The Li Family is excited to offer their first ever 90g cake pressing of this special aged tea! This aged Tie Luohan (or Iron Arhat) is one of the four famous varietals that define Wuyi oolong teas. Originally roasted and finished over several months in 2009, the Li Family has carefully re-roasted and rested this tea each year over the past eight years. Each meticulous hand-firing process takes over sixteen hours, and in total this tea has been fired fourteen times for deep intense texture and powerful aftertaste. Full of fudgey, salty sweetness, this powerfully flavorful tea steeps out in a long flavor arc over many brews into beautiful mineral sweetness with soothing throat-coating texture and a hint of clean mustiness.

    Regular Price $120.00 Special Price $108.00
  • 'In his own words, Li Xiangxi’s brother walks you through the Li family‘s Old Tree Shui Xian groves and explains how allowing the tea trees grow naturally and encouraging biodiversity creates this tea’s special, characteristic flavor profile.'

  • 5
    15 seconds
    6 seconds
    room temp
    8 hours

    Steeping Instructions


    5 g.6-8
    use 208° watersteep 15 secondsresteep many times
    add 5 sec. each infusion


    7 g.5 ozuse 208° watersteep 6 seconds
    add 2 sec. per steeping
    enjoy many steepings


    4 g.12
    use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
    8 hours
    add ice & enjoy

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