curated this May by the He Family
in Laoshan Village, Shandong


by our farmer partners

Each month, our Tea of the Month Club box is hosted by one of our partner farmers, from the He Family in Laoshan Village to the Dongsa Farmer’s Cooperative in Yunnan. The farmers will pick out a selection of their freshest, most interesting teas, the ones that they are most excited for you to try. Many of their selections will be from limited batches and experimental runs not made in enough quantity to sell on our website. 




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Upcoming Curators


April 2019
curated by Mrs. Li
in Longjing, Zhejiang

April’s box will feature Mrs. Li;s fresh picked 2019 spring pre-Qingming Shi Feng Dragonwell teas. Club members will have the opportunity to taste several pre-Qingming early spring harvests from Mrs. Li, including club exclusive harvests that will not be available in our main collection.

Club members will the first to taste 2019 Ming Qian Shi Feng Dragonwell, including club exclusive harvests! April’s just-picked teas will ship towards the end of April, by April 30th.


May 2019
curated by the He Family
in Laoshan, Shandong

May’s box will feature the He Family’s freshest 2019 spring harvests, which will be finished shortly before the club box ships to members!  This box will include the freshest 2018 spring tea avilable from the He Family.

May’s club box will also feature an exclusive coupon for savings on every tea in the He Family’s collection. May’s just-picked teas will ship towards the end of May, by May 31st.


Past Curators


March 2019
curated by the Li Family
in Wuyishan, Fujian

March’s club box was curated by the Li Family in Wuyishan! The Li Family filled each box with three different Wuyi oolongs, including Guazi Jin Wuyi Oolong, Yi Zhi Mei Wuyi Oolong, and truly unusual Bai Mu Dai Wuyi Oolong, made with Fujian’s Da Bai cultivar.

Club members were the first to taste new teas, and also received an exclusive coupon for savings on everything in the Li Family’s collection.


February 2019
curated by Master Zhang

February’s club will be the first club box of the new Year of the Pig! This month’s box is curated by Master Zhang and will be filled all new Anxi oolong teas. Master Zhang fills his tea fields with a wide variety of tea varietals – from classic regional favorites like Daping’s famous Mao Xie and Anxi’s favorite Tieguanyin, to transplants like Ba Xian that are best known as Dancong oolong teas; these bring biodiversity to his tea fields, and the opportunity for experimentation and research every year. March’s box is dedicated to these latter teas, focusing on obscure cultivars like Ba Xian and more!

Due to the Lunar New Year celebration, these specially finished teas will ship after billing on February 15th, by the week of the 25th (02.25.19). 


January, 2019
curated by the Zhenyuan Dongsa Cooperative
in Qianjiazhai, Mt. Ailao, Yunnan

This January, the Li Family of the Dongsa Cooperative in the remote forests of Qianjiazhai shared their wild-foraged tea from old tea trees, working with cooperative leader Master Zhou on exciting new blends and pressings. January’s club box included over twice the usual amount of tea in the box, with two unique 100g tea cake pressings, blended especially for club members! 

Tea club members were the first to taste these new teas, and also received an exclusive coupon!


December, 2018
curated by the Xikou Cooperative
in Xi Kou, Jiang Yangcun, Fujian

December’s club will introduce a brand new partner, the Xikou cooperative!  Based in Jiang Yancun near Panxi in Fujian, their wild arbor white tea groves along the edges of the small community’s terraced tea field. This collection includes both rare aged white teas and delicate fresh silver needle and Bai Mu Dan.

Tea club members will be the first to meet our newest tea partners and taste their work! 


November, 2018
curated by Master Zhang
in Anxi, Fujian

November’s box features new experimental oolong teas, each the result of Master Zhang’s ongoing research studying and working to revive Anxi’s oldest form of oolong tea. Looking a little like a dragonfly in form, these revival style teas have a shape somewhere between tightly balled rolled modern Anxi oolong and strip style Wuyi oolong. From a green revival oolong to dark roasted and aged, we are super excited to share each of Master Zhang’s picks!

November club members are the first to taste these experimental teas; these club exclusive selections have never been shared before. This month’s box also includes special savings on every tea in Master Zhang’s collection. 


October 2018
curated by the He Family

This October, the He Family was excited to share their very freshest Laoshan autumn harvests, including Laoshan Green and Laoshan Black and the second experimental harvest of Laoshan tea scented with local Laoshan osmanthus! The He Family is making sure their supporters in the Tea of the Month Club have the first chance to try their latest and greatest.

October’s box featured fresh harvests, all-new tea, and an exclusive coupon to save on Laoshan tea through December. 


September 2018
curated by the Li Family

In September, the Tea Club box was curated by the Li Family in Wuyishan! The Li Family shared their fresh 2018 black teas for their September club box, finished in the family’s hundred year old workshop in the Tongmu Reserve, including Golden Buds Jin Jun Mei and other unique offerings.

Club members were the first to taste these harvests, and also received an exclusive club coupon code.


August 2018
curated by the Liu Family

In August, we were excited to bring back our partners in Longjuan, Anxi: the Liu Family! For their 2018 club box, the Liu Family picked out a variety of their new 2018 harvests. From dark roasted Tieguanyin and Xiao Zhong style Tieguanyin black tea and to their beautiful, buddy Jin Jun Mei-style Tieguanyin, the box was filled with the Liu family’s traditional and experimental teas!

Club members were the first to taste these 2018 harvests, and also receives an exclusive club coupon code.


July, 2018
curated by the Wu Family
in Wuyangcun, Fujian

This July, we were privileged to introduce a new tea partner, the Wu Family in Wuyangcun, Fujian! The Wu Family has been cultivating white tea at their family home for generations, and for the past several decades have allowed large portions of their tea plants to grow wild and uncultivated. July’s club featured a selection of both wild and cultivated white teas. 

Club members were the first to taste these new selections from our new partner, and also received a special coupon for exclusive savings.


June, 2018
curated by Master Zhang
in Anxi, Fujian

June’s box will feature a collection of fresh 2018 spring harvest rolled Anxi oolong teas from Master Zhang! This month’s box presents Master Zhang’s fresh pickings of his classic Daping teas, including classic and reserve harvest Tieguanyin, Traditional Tieguanyin, and Daping’s native Mao Xie (Hairy Crab) cultivar. This year’s traditionally finished Anxi oolongs will be finished just before the club sign ups close on June 15th – look out for your boxes to ship before the end of June!

June’s club box will also include special savings on every tea in Master Zhang’s collection. This exclusive coupon is just for club members, and can be used through August 2018!


What makes this tea club unique?


Verdant’s CSA-style tea of the month club is unlike any other subscription tea box in the world.

We’ve been working with many of the same farmer families for over twelve years, and turn over complete control each month to our farmer friends and partners to curate. This means that you get to benefit from our decades of relationship building by getting direct access to the freshest, most unique teas in the world, direct from award-winning small farmers growing tea on stunning, clean and biodiverse land, hand-picking and finishing every leaf.

When our partners can plan on sending you a tea box ahead of time, they can take risks with daring and experimental new processing styles, or allocate unusual cultivars that normally never make it to market. Their outreach and curation brings recognition back to their community, and in return, we all get to enjoy teas unlike anything else out there.


Where do your teas come from?


All of our teas are picked, crafted, and packed by six small family farms across China. Our partners send their tea to our fulfillment center near Laoshan Village in Shandong, where it is then sent on to our US-forwarding center in Minnesota. Your boxes are assembled and sent directly to you from the Unites States, where our customer service team is based in Minneapolis, MN. We give you the direct-from source transparency and unique product of a China-based company with the support and care of a US-based company. The best of both worlds!


What is normally included in a monthly box?


Because each box is curated by the farmer like a CSA, each month’s offerings will look a little different. This club is an opportunity to connect with a real farmer, learn more about their goals and taste their teas. You will receive at least three kinds of tea and at least 75 grams of tea total. Some farmers may choose to offer a wider array of samples to give you the best exposure to what they do, so you could receive up to 15 different samples in a given box. The total tea will still be 75g or more. As directed by each of our partners we will include any information they want you to know about what they do, and sometimes, coupons to use on their collections on our website.


How does shipping and payment work?


When you sign up for the club, you will enter your payment info with no immediate charge. Subscriptions bill on the 15th of each month. You can update your credit card information or change your shipping address any time before your subscription bills each month.


When will I receive my tea?


Teas are usually shipped within one week of billing. The April, May and September club boxes always ship later in the month due to the timing of the very fresh seasonal harvests that are included those months. Once shipped, transit times vary by country. Every monthly box ships with full tracking info to ensure that they arrive promptly at your door.


Can you ship outside of the United States?


Yes we can! Shipping to Canada is $5. Other international destinations vary by country and can cost up to $15 a month. See our full shipping FAQ to learn more.


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Verdant Tea was founded to advocate for small family tea farmers who devote their lives to making the best tea in the world.

Verdant Tea is tribute to these people – the He Family, Master Zhang, the Qianjiazhai Zhenyuan Dongsa Farmer’s cooperative, the Li Families. We exist to tell their stories and share their work so that they can thrive and continue sharing their craft for generations to come.