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Bamboo + Glass Travel Brew Mug

Bamboo + Glass Travel Brew Mug


Crafted By Xiang Fu

This convenient Xiang Fu ( 祥福 / Stone Leaf Tea Set ) travel mug combines glass, natural bamboo and porcelain for a beautiful self-contained brewing solution for at home and on the go.

Bamboo protects you from the heat while the glass helps show off the beautiful color of your tea, while a rubber ring insulates and protects your tables from heat. Everything comes apart for easy cleaning, then packs back up into the sturdy travel case.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Apprx. Capacity : 250 ml
    • height : 10 cm
    • strainer height : 7 cm
    • diameter : 7.5 cm
    • weight w/ case:329g
    • weight:115g
    • material : porcelain, bamboo, tempered glass

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