Pure, fresh loose-leaf tea from small family farms

The finest loose-leaf tea from trusted artisan farmers & experts.

Our teas are not commodities; they are hand-crafted products from real individuals who set a fair price and take pride in their land & techniques to produce the best tea possible.
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Rare and exclusive loose leaf teas only available from Verdant Tea.

Our friends trust us to respect their unique tea, so our rigorously curated tea collection comes from tea farmers who otherwise never export their teas or sell outside of their village.
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The freshest green tea each season, air-shipped at the source.

For the best seasonal teas, we cut out the middle men and ship directly from the farm to your cup. Try the freshest tea of the season and taste seasonal tea as it was meant to be.
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Fresh autumn teas! We're geeking out on fresh Laoshan Green tonight. Pick some up for yourself http://t.co/COz5Fb3hx6 http://t.co/Rl0awn6abt
Just released 10 new teas from our private reserve - check out the collection, available only while supplies last! http://t.co/BMpZDqLVwN
Did you know? There can be 25 minutes of labor in a single ounce of hand-picked Chinese #tea. http://t.co/EhKUtB2ORV
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