We believe the best teas in the world
come from small family farms.

To celebrate our partner farmers and supporters like you, we are releasing new holiday specials and seasonal harvests throughout the winter season beginning on Friday, November 24th. Throughout the site, you’ll find discounts on special teas, new modern gongfu teaware, tea baords and tea sets for yourself and for gifting, our largest ever collection of handmade Yixing clay tea pots,  exclusive limited releases, and the chance to earn tea cash bonus gift certificates.

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all of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday tea deals.

Save 20% on all Wuyi oolongs and black teas from the Li Family in Wuyishan. Introducing extremely limited reserve harvests including sought after Ma Tou Rou Gui
(available Friday, while supplies last),
alongside seven new 2017 harvests.

Earn tea cash all weekend long!
Gift our CSA style tea club, and get one month free, with deep savings on
6-month and 12-month subscriptions.
New limited harvest Dancong from Huang Ruiguang premiere Friday, alongside limited pressing Dragon Pearl white teas from the Weng Family.

Our brand new teaware collection premieres at 20% off all weekend long!
Shop our biggest selection of hand-made Yixing teapots ever, plus new hand painted porcelain from De Hua and Jingdezhen, Longquan celadon, Xiang Fu tea bards and full sets (while supplies last).


On Small Business Saturday (11.25.17), we celebrate Master Zhang and his Anxi oolongs at 20% off  for one day only. Brand new 2017 autumn harvest Tieguanyin and Mao Xie premiere, with savings on classic aged oolongs from 2005 to 1985, “se zhong” oolongs in many roasts, and more.

Celebrate the He Family and their pioneering work in Laoshan with 20% off all Laoshan teas on Small Farmer Sunday (11.26.17) – one day only! The full Autumn 2017 Laoshan collection premieres, alongside extremely limited harvest Sweet Potato Leaf Tea, and a brand new world premiere:
Laoshan Osmanthus Oolong!

Cyber Monday is Pu’er Monday!
Don’t miss our once a year sale! Sstock up on pu’er at our deepest discount of 25%. New sheng and shu pu’er from Qianjiazhai & Longyuanhao, including limited wild Crassicolumna yabao pressings. Xingyang’s brand new collection premieres Monday with 100g bars and tea stuffed mandarins.


Xiang Fu Tea Sets

We are proud to be Xiang Fu’s exclusive USA direct distributor for all their collections, including travel sets, easy brewers, gilded Longquan porcelain, tea boards, tea boats and more.

Expanded Collection at Distributor Pricing

Our new partnership with Xiang Fu brings us their latest high design, from folding tea sets to our biggest ever collection of tea boards, tea trays, and tea boats (available 11.24.17). We are offering their full collection at the distributor price, direct to tea lovers, to make their fine teaware accessible to everyone.   Shop the collection now>>


These beautiful hand made pieces are crafted by accomplished and award winning artists Gao Gui Qin, Pan Yang and Zhu Huan, Lai Xiaohong, Fan Chunfeng, and Tang Xianwu.

New tea pots premiere on Black Friday on sale at 20% off – only while supplies last.


by our partner farmers

Each month our, CSA-style tea club box is hosted by one of our partner farmers. Each partner pick out a selection of their freshest, most interesting teas, the ones that they are most excited to share.

December’s club will be curated by Master Zhang in Daping, Anxi. Club members will be the first to try boxes filled with Master Zhang’s choice of a variety of his rolled oolong teas. January’s club will feature club-exclusive rolled “Dragon Pearl” (Long Zhu) black teas from the Zhenyuan Dongsa Cooperative in Qianjiazhai on Mt. Ailao.

New 2017 Dancong
from Award Winning
Huang Rui Guang



Your decision to support sustainable small family farming
makes a real difference to our partners in China.

Since 2011, your support has helped us connect tea lovers to tea farmers – the real people behind the teas you love – encouraging innovation in the industry and giving growers the power to control they way their work is shared.

Verdant Tea was founded to advocate for small family tea farmers who devote their lives to making the best tea in the world.

Verdant Tea is tribute to these people – the He Family, Master Zhang, the Qianjiazhai Zhenyuan Dongsa Farmer’s cooperative, the Li Families. We exist to tell their stories and share their work so that they can thrive and continue sharing their craft for generations to come.


Farm-fresh tea, rushed to your doorstep

Our farmer-partners curate their own selection, set their prices and pack your tea fresh after harvest. We air ship their latest and greatest every week and get it to your door within days of your order with a free sample hand picked to fit your taste.


The freshest tea comes from the source.

Our partner tea farmers decide what to send to us in Shandong, and they are excited to take an extremely active role in curating their own collections based on the weather and growing conditions each season. All fresh teas stay sealed, from the moment they are picked to the moment you open them to brew up the first infusion.

The flavor difference is tremendous.



Our partner tea farmers grow their tea without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

Every tea we source comes from regions free from air pollution, and watered with natural spring water for water table sustainability.

Our partners care for their land because they plan to pass it on to their children. Though none of our partners are large enough to afford organic certification, their techniques exceed organic industry standards. 


We support innovation and represent farmers from incredible growing regions still unknown outside of their province.

Click to watchMr. He in his tea fields

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