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Venturing into the Unknown

Venturing into the Unknown

Venturing into the Unknown

March 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

After years of research, and months of tea tastings and long conversations with fellow tea-lovers, I have reached a high point of frustration with the quality of tea available in the West, and with the lack of emphasis on tea as an artisan-crafted culture, not a commodity product. With this in mind, I have taken the leap into the unknown to begin sourcing teas unlike anything seen before. I am not interested in simple flavor differences, I am interested in the story of each tea, the story of the farmer, and the legends passed down by generations of cultivators. These are teas that go beyond engaging the palate. They play on the palate, the smells, the sight, all to draw from us memories and emotions. These are teas that go beyond themselves.

This is high-time for America to find such teas. All the tea enthusiasts I speak to are ready for something greater than the tea bag. A tea tasting that includes the kind of pu’er, oolong, black and green teas that I am bringing to America always takes people out of the stress of the everyday. People come from the outside, from traffic and noise, and after twenty minutes have found a new source of joy, new friends, and new sensations of taste.

My teas should be in America by the end of April if all goes well. I am growing this from the ground up. Any support in the form of spreading the word will be greatly appreciated. The faster this picks up, the faster I can bring more teas and tea wares to America.

Best Wishes,

David Duckler
March 28th, 2011

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