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Golden Fleece Tasting Journal

Golden Fleece Tasting Journal

Golden Fleece Tasting Journal

July 3, 2020

Golden Fleece is the richest, deepest and most subtle Dian Hong black tea we have had the privilege of trying. Wild-picked buds are set aside for a very small crafting of black tea to show off the pure, silky, spice-laden profile of deep forest Yunnan.

This black tea is as pure as they come, without a hint of the astringency that defines so many black teas. It is soft, yielding and complex in the aftertaste, appealing to admirers of fine oolong or pu’ers for the thick mouthfeel and sweet even floral taste that lingers on the tongue.

This harvest is the first we have tasted with strong notes of chocolate and malt in the early steepings. While most black teas allow the chocolate and malt flavor to settle on the palate and overwhelm, these flavors evaporate in a flash when tasting Golden Fleece to reveal the light contrast of rose florals, fennel sweetness and the creamy decadence of saffron.

In our office tasting on a rainy summer afternoon everyone felt like this is a nap time tea, the taste of being wrapped in a perfectly light down comforter. The sweetness is delicate like butter lettuce, and the florals grow into an old school creme de violet flavor.

Right when you are getting lulled into the light fluffy flavor of this tea it opens up into full on banana creamy pie with homemade graham cracker crust sprinkled with a touch of allspice and nutmeg. Every harvest of this limited tea is an exciting experience and this is no exception. We hope you have a chance to taste one of our favorite black teas out there.

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