The He Family’s first picking Spring teas have arrived, and we have been drinking them every day!  Whether we’re drinking green tea that’s floating free in a tempered glass tumbler or leading a formal gong fu tea tasting at our tea house in Minneapolis, we’ve come to understand each unique harvest more deeply when we have the opportunity to taste these fine Spring teas back-to-back.

We’ve pulled together a simple tasting chart that maps taste, texture, aroma and aftertaste for the He Family’s unoxidized first picking Spring teas: Flat Pressed Laoshan Green, First Picking Laoshan Green, Laoshan Bilochun Green and (just for fun!) Laoshan Green Oolong.

All of these teas were picked within a few days of each other.  All were picked from the same tea bushes by the He Family on their 15 acre tea farm in Laoshan Village.  The biggest difference between each tea is simply processing style.  Taste and compare them for yourself, then try filling out your own tasting notes to discover your favorite teas for every mood.