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  • Oblong Tea Boat

    This gorgeous solid wood tea boat is carved with slats to allow drips and spills to run off from your fine tea ware. The red color is a dramatic contrast to both porcelain and yixing. The tea boat is a critical piece of the modern gongfu style, allowing brewing without a large tea board. This solid, surprisingly heavy piece will round out your modern gongfu set up and last a lifetime.

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  • Green Ceramic Draining Tea Boat

    This ceramic tea boat is an elegant modern solution to gongfu tea. It is meant to hold an yixing teapot, gaiwan or pitcher and catch spills or hold tea poured over a pot without taking up as much space as a board. Use with runners and coasters for a modern gongfu set up that can be reconfigured and expanded as needed. Compact enough for travel or tea at work.

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  • Green Ceramic Tea Boat

    This tea boat is designed to hold an yixing pot or gaiwan in modern gongfu ceremony. It has a large enough reservoir to pour the first steeping over an yixing pot to help season the pot and build patina. A tea boat is an elegant solution, eliminating the need for a large tea board by catching drips and spills. Paired with coasters and a runner, it makes for an beautiful and flexible tea set up.

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  • Green Ceramic Stand

    This ceramic stand is the perfect pairing with a tea boat. The boat can hold your teapot or gaiwan while the stand sets off your pitcher for a truly elegant modern gongfu set up. While not in active use, the stand makes a perfect display stand for your most treasured yixing pottery or ceramics.

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